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top 5 hybrid bikes

Top 5 Hybrid Bikes Under $400: Best Sellers List

Top 5 Hybrid Bikes Under $400

What is a hybrid bike?

Hybrid bikes are exactly what you would think. It is a blend of characteristics from road bikes, mountain bikes, and touring bikes. The end result is a “hybrid” bicycle that is suitable for a wide range of conditions and applications. 

Hybrid bikes are known for their stability, comfort, and just the general ease of use make them popular with cyclist ranging from newbies to everyday cyclist, and children.

Hybrids generally adapt the flat, straight handlebars and have the upright seating position that you see on mountain bikes. Most people find this design efficient and intuitive. Hybrids typically come equipped with light-weight and thinner wheels with smooth tires like road bikes, this allows for more speed and less effort while cycling on a road. Hybrid bikes often have mountable racks and bags for transporting your personal belongings like touring bikes.


It’s no wonder Hybrid Bikes are so popular. Here are our Top 5 Hybrid Bikes under $400

Polygon Bikes Heist 1 Hybrid Bike

top 5 hybrid bikes

schwinn 230 recumbent

The heist 1 hybrid bike allows you to be able to tear up the road whether you are riding on the street and taking off on your favorite dirt trail. This versatility, and intuitive design inspired by combining the Tech from road and mountain bikes for a fast, sturdy and comfortable ride. What makes the Polygon heist a great bike is its strong and lightweight alloy frame. It also comes equipped with raised handlebars for a comfortable  upright riding position. 

The Heist also comes equipped with the Shimano Altus drivetrain with 21 speeds, as well as the Suntour nex fork that helps to absorb bumps and road chatter.

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Schwinn Capital 700c Men’s Hybrid Bicycle

chwinn Capital 700c Men's Hybrid Bicycle

schwinn 230 recumbent

You will enjoy biking on the Schwinn Capital. The Schwinn Capital has 21 gears for easier hill climbing, and trail navigation as well as an easy going aluminum hybrid frame. The Capital frame is part fitness and part cruiser put together to provide you with a super comfortable ride. The best part about getting a Schwinn bike is you know it is well crafted and protected under the Schwinn limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike. The Schwinn Capital also features front and rear alloy V-brakes to make sure you stop securely, as well as a soft hybrid seat with springs as we as a suspension seat post for the ultimate comfort.

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Schwinn Network 1.0 700c Men’s 18 Hybrid Bike

top 5 hybrid bikes

schwinn 230 recumbent

The Schwinn Network 1.0 comes ith a steel hybrid frame with a Schwinn suspension fork to offer comfortable and efficient riding. The Network 1.0 is equipped with a micro shift 21-speed twist shifter, and Shimano rear derailleur for precise gear shifting. It also has front and rear alloy V brakes to make sure you can stop every time. It also has a soft hybrid seat and suspension seat post so that you can ride comfortably. Its wheels are made from light-weight alloy.

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Diamondback Wildwood Classic Complete Comfort Bike

diamondback wildwood

schwinn 230 recumbent

This is pic out of our top 5 hybrid bikes.  The Diamondback Wildwood Classic is a fun, lightweight and durable comfort bike. It was designed so that you can take it anywhere you want to be while delivering a smooth ride on any terrain. Like most Diamondback bikes, the Wildwood comes with a heat-treated 6061-T6 alloy frame, that is lightweight, which helps make pedaling easier. It comes equipped with  A 3×7 drivetrain from Shimano that gives you 21 speeds to choose from, to help you climb any hill and catch up when the terrain flattens out. Promax linear pull brakes deliver dependable, efficient stopping power in any terrain or weather conditions. This bike is well crafted and ready to ride.

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Diamondback Insight 1 Complete Performance Hybrid Bike

top 5 best hybrid bike

schwinn 230 recumbent

The Diamondback line of performance hybrids takes both efficiency and comfort to the next level. The Diamondback Insight 1 is like a hybrid on steroids. The Insight 1 features an aluminum frameset with an aerodynamic fork this light-weight combo makes for a smooth and fast ride. It has a 24-speed drivetrain to get you up and over the steepest hills and back up to speed when the terrain evens out. It also comes equipped with Weinmann ZAC-19 double wall rims, and  linear pull rim brakes. The Insight 1 is proof that Diamondback specializes in high-quality bikes.

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Hybrid Bike prices

For many of us, $400 is a lot to spend on a bike. But the reality is getting a cheap bike can be more of a hassle than its worth. Once you get too low in price, you start sacrificing quality in exchange for a few bucks. Manufacturers of cheap bikes have to start making deep compromises and frequently use cheaper inferior parts on the components and frame quality. Affordable hybrid bikes are available but, know the difference between affordable and cheap. Even at the limits of our $500 budget, you’ll still be looking at base level shifters and derailleurs. The cheaper the shifter, the rougher and less precise your gear shifting will be, and you’ll be required to adjust your drivetrain more often.

Even at the limits of our $500 budget list,  you will be getting a standard base model with  base level shifters and derailleurs. The cheaper the shifter, the rougher and less precise your gear shifting will be, however, upgrades are available so that you can improve your bike as your budget allows.

I recommend that a rider think realistically about their riding needs. If you think you will be riding occasionally with friends you may be able to get away with cheaper bikes, but if you think you will be doing some hardcore trail riding I recommend a higher quality bike rather than trying to save a few bucks/

Thank you for reading! Good luck.

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